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The 6060 steam engine was presented to the people of Alberta as a gift in 1980, to commemorate the Province of Alberta's 75th anniversary. It has hauled steam excursions out of Toronto, travelled to Vancouver to participate in Steam Expo, and delighted passengers across Canada since it rolled off the erecting floor in October 1944. 6060 currently resides in Stettler, Alberta.

6060’s loyal following, the members and volunteers of Rocky Mountain Rail Society, work tirelessly to preserve and share the history of the steam engine with the community. The RMRS crew has been working to restore 6060 to full service since 2011. 6060 is one of the best remaining examples of a modern steam locomotive, and, in addition to being Canada's largest steamer, is a rare example of a North American Mountain-type engine.

The real history of the 6060 steam engine lies with the hardworking and enthusiastic group of rail enthusiasts that make up Rocky Mountain Rail Society. What began with Harry R.J. Home saving 6060 from the scrapper in 1962, has grown into a loyal following for the Spirit of Alberta.

From railway operating personnel to steam and rail fans - each member of RMRS is dedicated to the preservation of this elegant and unique locomotive. Not only do members of RMRS strive to preserve 6060, but they also love to share their passion with the local community through education, hands-on experience and comradery. 

To join this devoted group and help with the restoration of 6060, check out our membership section.



1944 - assembled in Canada's Montreal Locomotive Works

1959 - retired from active service

1962 - placed on static display in Jasper

1972 - restored by CN Railway, and used to haul steam excursions out of Toronto

1980 - presented to the people of Alberta as a gift

1986 - restored by RMRS, participated in Steam Expo in Vancouver

1998 - began operations in partnership with Alberta Prairie Steam Tours in Stettler, AB

2011 - last year in service in Stettler, AB

Present - RMRS crew working to restore 6060 to service



By becoming a member of the Rocky Mountain Rail Society, you lend important support to the preservation of 6060. You will receive Steam Rail News every two to three months which will let you know when and where the locomotive will be operating and also contains mechanical reports, colour photos, and other stories of railway interest. In addition, you can join work parties that involve 6060 and the rolling stock that the RMRS is preserving. You can also volunteer for events within the local railfan community in which the society participates.

To pay your membership by cheque please fill in the above Membership Form (click to open) and mail it to:

Rocky Mountain Rail Society

PO Box 81076-6060

BPO Calgary, Alberta

Canada T2J 7C9

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Our Board & Members

President // Kevin Quigley

I have always been intrigued by mechanical objects (particularly transportation equipment such as cars, trucks, trains, and airplanes). I also maintain an appreciation for Canadian history. Nothing combines those two interests more perfectly than a steam locomotive!

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Treasurer // Zachary Brewer

Zachary Brewer has been involved with Rocky Mountain Rail Society since 2006 and has served as Treasurer since 2011.  Working with RMRS has allowed Zachary to merge long-standing interests in historical preservation and steam technology with his current “day job” in the railroad industry, working as a Conductor and Locomotive Engineer in Revelstoke, B.C.  

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Vice-President // Don Wilson

With 30 years of experience in the transportation safety industry, Don brings considerable regulatory experience, many valuable contacts and strategic management experience to the RMRS board.

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Director // Rich Graydon

I’ve always had an interest in transportation history. When I was younger it was airplanes and model trains. As life progressed, I didn’t have the time or opportunity to really pursue either hobby seriously until 2009.

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Secretary // Brian Henderson

Brian has had an interest in trains and railways from an early age. Brian has recently joined the Rocky Mountain Rail Society. He remembers the 6060 locomotive stored in Calgary at the old Cominco fertilizer plant in the 1980s. He has a dream of seeing the locomotive fully operational again.

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Director // Harry Home

I knew exactly what my life career was going to be after a brief ride with my Dad on a Consolidation steam engine in 1940 at Hanna Alberta. I was 7 years old. My railroad career began at Boston Bar, BC on 28 July 1949 with the Signal Gang (86 cents an hour for a 48 hour week).

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The people I’ve met through RMRS are lifelong friendships. Becoming a member has been an amazing experience.
— RMRS Member
RMRS gives me an opportunity to share my interest in steam engines with my kids. Now it’s a family event to see 6060 in action!
— RMRS Member

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Whether you want to get involved with the Rocky Mountain Rail Society or just have a question about steam engines, fill out the form below and a member of the 6060 Crew will get back to you shortly. From photo shoots to event information, we've got something for everyone.

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Rocky Mountain Rail Society

PO Box 81076-6060 BPO
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