Brian Henderson

Brian has had an interest in trains and railways from an early age. Brian has recently joined the Rocky Mountain Rail Society. He remembers the 6060 locomotive stored in Calgary at the old Cominco fertilizer plant in the 1980s. He has a dream of seeing the locomotive fully operational again.

Brian has volunteered and worked at Heritage Park, on the steam locomotives and rolling stock, for the past 4 years. Brian has served as fireman, switchman and brake man, along with other duties. Brian participated in changing the main wheel bearings on locomotive 2024 and boiler repairs to locomotive 2023. He assisted in restoration of the steam crane, the steam road roller and other artifacts. He regularly operates the steam powered Case traction engine (tractor).

Brian has volunteered at Champion Park, south of Calgary, since 2010, in the areas of train crew, locomotive engineer and track maintenance.  He has worked on Locomotive No. 19’s electrical systems and assisted with the engine’s mechanical maintenance since 2011.

Professional Education and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science, University of Waterloo, 1979

  • Professional Engineer with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) since 1982 and APEGA member in good standing since that time

  • Railroad Track Inspection, Level 2, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, March 2016

  • 4th Class Power Engineer, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, November 2018

  • Special Steam Traction Equipment Operator, Alberta Boilers Safety Association, 2017

Work Experience:

Brian is a senior electrical engineer specializing in telecommunications, including fibre optic cable, microwave radio, mobile and fixed radio and satellite networks; he has been a self-employed consulting engineer since 1999. He has completed projects throughout Canada at gas plants, oil refineries and along pipelines including design of telecommunication networks for major pipelines (e.g. McKenzie Gas project, Alaska LNG pipeline and Keystone XL pipeline).  He also has several years of experience in firing and performing major and routine operating maintenance on steam locomotives at Heritage Park in Calgary, Alberta and Fort Steele Historic Park at Fort Steele, British Columbia.