Rich Graydon

I’ve always had an interest in transportation history. When I was younger it was airplanes and model trains. As life progressed, I didn’t have the time or opportunity to really pursue either hobby seriously until 2009. After school I joined the RCMP fresh out of University and was posted all over Alberta. While posted in Red Deer in 2009 I found some information about 6060 on the internet. I had seen the locomotive in Stettler and was looking to see what it was all about. I contacted the Rocky Mountain Rail Society and became a member. Over the next year I did some volunteer work on the 6060 at Stettler and met the folks from Alberta Prairie Railway. One thing led to another and I started working part time for Alberta Prairie on weekends training as a Conductor. After a 28 year career in the RCMP I retired with the rank of Sergeant and became a part time railroader. Interestingly enough my great grandfather was an engineer for the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway in Elk Lake Ontario in the early 1900’s. The more time I spent around trains, the more I realized how much I enjoyed the work. My career change has also led to meeting some amazing people and made me realize how much I like the history of railroads and the effects they had on Canada’s development.

The reason I enjoy volunteering with railway heritage projects is that it links many different aspects of history together. CN 6060 is a prime example of that. Starting with its development in 1944 as a result of the economic pressures of World War II, it’s success as a design, enduring appeal and the fact that it’s a piece of history that connects us to multiple generations makes it worth preserving. The 6060 is the best example of the peak of steam engine design that can be preserved in an operating environment. No where else in Canada will you find a place like Stettler that can facilitate its operation.

My educational experience includes a Bachelor of Arts from Trent University in Peterborugh,ON. I also have media relations, critical incident management and project management training. 

My work experience during 28 years of policing has given me the opportunity to learn many skills. The experience I bring to Rocky Mountain Rail include project management, policy review and writing and media and public relations. I am a recipient of the Alberta Centennial Medal, RCMP Long Service Medal and the Alberta Police Officer Long Service Recognition Medal.

Recently (Oct 2018) I joined the Board of Directors of the Rocky Mountain Rail Society because I think I can help bring 6060 back to life.